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What Is Optimism? Is It Contagious? Is It Coffee?

Can you top-up on optimism? Well Maxwell House thinks so and has married our need for coffee with our need for positive thinking all round a simple question: “is the cup half full or half empty”?  They have a new website and are asking Canadians to tell them how you feel, upload a feel good video, photo or story. So, will inspiration follow like Lucy the Flower Lady writes on their site:

Wow, how simple is it to think that your life and your coffee cup is half FULL … we can choose to focus on the negative … or we can choose to LIVE LIFE in the positive. Sure life can throw you a couple of curves now and then … take them as OPPORTUNITY to change, to do, to set a goal, to learn from, what ever it is that you need to accomplish. When things don’t go as planned … take the necessary steps and actions to … correct or redirect. Take time to have a coffee … to sit quiet … to ponder the steps or actions to the path that makes you SMILE : ) Then GET TO IT … you can do it! To my family with all my love and all my devotion to you all … you are on my personal totem pole … you help make my CUP HALF FULL. CHEERS TO COFFEE BREAKS!!!

Now if you need help with a well-deserved optimism break… they’ve also launched the  Toronto Optimism Café. The café opened it’s doors in the Toronto Beaches this week at 1948 Queen Street East (formally the Second Cup). All through the month of July visitors can drop by for a free cup of Maxwell House coffee and a daily dose of optimism. They’ll also be hosting a variety of inspiring events and speakers all month long… here’s the list:


Alanna J Brown
Alanna J Brown is a Toronto based singer-songwriter/guitarist. She has been writing her own music and lyrics since the young age of 13. She has released an EP titled “Tuesday’s Coming” and her first album is due to be released in August 2011. Come see Alanna at the café for a preview of what’s to come as she showcases her talent.
Corey Perry – 2011 NHL MVP
Corey Perry, the reigning NHL MVP, will be serving coffee at the café and talking about what optimism means to him. Come see how the 2011 NHL MVP keeps his cup half full!
Tula Yoga
We are excited to have Tula Yoga Instructor Grace Dubery lead a Yoga session as well as an inspiring talk about what Yoga really is. Grace will explain how one can incorporate the benefits of a Yoga lifestyle into ones daily life. It’s not as hard as you would think!
Bicycle Factory
The Cadbury Bicycle Factory program truly captures the spirit of optimism! This program is now in its third year. The objective is to to inspire Canadians to help build 5,000 bikes – and lots of hope – for kids in Ghana. Come to the café and learn first hand about how a bike is more than just a bike in the developing world and how you can make a difference and create hope for a student in Ghana.
The 3 A’s of Awesome
Neil Pasricha, author of the international bestseller The Book of Awesome, will be at the café talking about the 3 A’s of Awesome.
Drew Dudley
Drew Dudley is the Founder & Chief Catalyst of Nuance Leadership Development Services, a company dedicated to helping individuals and organizations expand their leadership potential. Drew will be talking about a decision we can each make, every day, to live in “an economy of abundance”, and two little words that changed the course of his life.
Mitch Clark
Musician Mitch Clark is more than just your typical singer-songwriter. With a proficiency in multiple instruments Mitch is able to make an entire band out of one person. Come to the café to hear Mitch’s unique elements of blues, jazz and soul while turning the average listener onto more uncommon rhythms.
Iman Wain
If Snow White was a songwriter and had a smoother voice, she would be Iman Wain. Iman’s gentle melodies and sweet tone incite images of summer mornings and small woodland creatures congregating at her feet; so compelling, even the busiest mind would find it hard not to stop and listen. Come to the café to hear Iman’s soulful blend of jazzy folk-pop.
Shawn Byfield
A resident of Toronto, Shawn Byfield is one of the most highly sought out dance artists in the biz. But it didn’t start that way… Hear Shawn talk about his interesting journey to where he is today, and learn his “Top 3 Tips To Living A Successful Entrepreneur Lifestyle.” You’ll be glad you did!
Best Buddies
Best Buddies – Vrais Copains Canada is a national charitable organization dedicated to enhancing our communities through one-to-one friendships between people with intellectual disabilities and students. Come join Emily, a speaker from Best Buddies, who will be speaking about their inspiring friendship program.
When Liz Martorano visited her mom in a long-term care facility for nearly 3 years she couldn’t help noticing the people that didn’t receive visitors at all. It was difficult for her to watch each day so when her mom passed away she and her family decided to make a difference by creating “SKIP”, The Senior’s and Kid’s Intergenerational Programs. Come learn more as Liz speaks about her experiences and SKIP.
Toronto Green Community
TGC is a non-profit organization that engages Torontonians in environmental initiatives where they live, work and play. Join TGC at the cafe to find out more about their work on issues including water, waste, food and green spaces and learn some great tips on how to live a greener life to build a more sustainable city.
Regent Park School of Music
The RPSM is a not-for-profit, charitable organization with the mandate of providing quality, highly-subsidized music lessons to youth-in-need from the Regent Park and other neighbourhoods across the City of Toronto. Learn more about the Regent Park School of Music by hearing Director Richard Marsella speak at the café. Hear how accessible music education and the community music school model make a difference, one student at a time.
Bilaal Rajan
Bilaal Rajan isn’t your average 14 year-old. A children’s and environmental activist, best-selling author, motivational speaker, and UNICEF children’s ambassador, Bilaal founded Making Change Now in 2004 to heighten awareness of youth issues and raise money to help kids in need everywhere. Come hear Bilaal speak about his inspiring experiences with children’s programs throughout the world.
At the café, the Steplock family will represent CARD (Community Association for Riding for the Disabled). The two sons in attendance are both riders at CARD. They are very excited to speak about how much they enjoy coming out to CARD to ride the therapy horses; a great way to receive therapy and have fun at the same time.


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