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Is it a good time to sell? Do you think Beach area home prices are at their peak given national economic uncertainty?

Category: Questions Answers Discussion & Realtor

If you need to sell soon, what’s best way to boost your home's value with a limited budget?

Category: Questions Answers Discussion & Realtor

With fixed rate mortgages dropping to 2.99 per cent should variable still be a consideration on renewal?

Category: Mortgage

Anyone know how to calculate land transfer fees/taxes on say a 750K home for example? Are there still municipal and provincial taxes?

Category: Realtor

Are there benefits to working with a Mortgage Broker vs. just going into a bank?

Category: Mortgage

Can having your home staged by a professional increase it’s value or the asking price?

Category: Home Staging

Do you have pay 13% HST on top of the asking price when buying a home?

Category: Realtor

Need suggestions to protect my lawn... Raccoons are rolling up the new sod! Ideas?

Category: Home Repair

Should buyers get pre-approved on a mortgage and how long is it good for?

Category: Mortgage

If starting your first or renewing an existing mortgage before the end of 2011... should you go with a fixed or variable mortgage rate?

Category: Mortgage

Are you better off using a Home Equity Line of Credit or a Mortgage to buy a cottage?

Category: Mortgage

Buyer from the U.S. has asked about doing a owner contract or a vendor take back purchase on a cottage property. Can anyone explain this, advantages / disadvantages?

Category: Realtor

Is it better to Buy or Rent Hot a water tank? Anyone recommend moving to a Tankless water heater?

Category: Home Repair

1st Annual Toronto Beaches Film Fest Announces Selections! Open Call For Entries for 2013 Start JULY 1st, 2012:

  • Surf, Sand and Silversides (The Californian Grunion) directed by Karen Martin (USA)
  • A Strange Day In July, directed by Shantal Reich (USA)
  • Breathe Life, directed by Antje Beyen (Germany)
  • Shag Nation, directed by Brittany Brothers (USA)
  • To Rest in Peace, directed by Fawaz Al-Matrouk (Iraq/USA)
  • If I Should Fail, directed by Brendon Culliton (Canada)

Category: Announcements

Can a buyer sign an offer to purchase agreement and then walk away?

Category: Realtor

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