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Moms Are Priceless – But Her Value Dropped in 2012?

(Source photo from infographic)   This year’s mom-umental day is this Sunday and don’t let tell you otherwise. Their 2012 Mother’s Day Index still maintains mom’s a teller of bedtime stories, a packer of lunches, a dispenser of wisdom and a dryer of tears. From bandaging skinned elbows to helping out with homework, nobody does it like Mom […]

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Six Ways To Prepare Yourself When Buying A House

Mark Weisleder (at wrote that the most common mistake home buyers make is buying with their heart instead of their head — usually because they panic while involved in a stressful negotiation for which they are unprepared. So if you are considering buying a house in  The Beach, Upper Beach, Leslieville, Riverdale, Greek Town, or East York  here are 6 ways to prepare […]

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REMAX Releases The Top Agents of 2011

@remax like many real estate companies released it’s Top Agents of 2011. Congratulations to all the local award winners. PDF: Is your agent or “next agent” on the list? Do you know an outstanding agent or more local award winning agents? Please share them here by replying below?  

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10-year Mortgage Term Worth A Look?

Is going with a 10-year mortgage term really worth considering now?’s Kerri-Lynn McAllister thinks so. More than 90 per cent of Canadians with a mortgage take out a term of five years or less, and just 1 per cent opt for a term that is 10 years or more, according to the Canadian Association of […]

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Rob Ford’s Draft Budget Was Passed By Council Yesterday

The $9.4-billion budget before council contains a 2.5 per cent property tax increase approved earlier Tuesday. The city reported a $154-million surplus for 2011 and Coun. Josh Colle convinced council to use $15 million of that money to reduce or remove some of the more contentious cuts, such as chopping some TTC routes, closing five wading pools, […]

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Need To Accommodate Holiday Visitors? Try Room In A Box!

While many homes in the Beach are older renovated classics with loads of charm, they are sometimes a little tight on space, especially with growing families stuffed into them. So, over the holidays when extended family arrives you might need to create some new “over-flow” space. Presto! Room In A Box! The Caluso Concept is almost too good to be […]

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Top 6 Most Important Home-Buying Factors

KW Research recently published that when first-time home buyers decide they are ready to buy, it is important for them to begin the process by carefully assessing their values, wants, and needs—both for the short and long term. This is a critical step since consultation sessions normally start with the buyers’ values. Afterward, buyers can […]

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Boardwalk Cafe Battle Continues

Toronto Sun columnist Sue-Ann Levy didn’t leave during a public meeting at the cafe on Dec. 3 after Boardwalk Cafe owner George Foulidis threatened to call the police. Levy stayed and the police were not called. She writes: It was advertised in the councillor’s newsletter as an “open house” to give Beach residents a look at […]

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Toronto’s Top Dog Neighbourhoods

Well the Beaches is not Toronto’s top dog neighbourhood. That honor goes to Lawrence Park which beat out the popular east-end canine haunt by just a hair.  The third most desirable postal codes for our four legged friends are in Swansea and Bloor West Village. And where dogs lives varies greatly by breed – pit bulls congregate in Downsview while miniature poodles […]

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Honey The Kids Are Moving Out… I Think?

The echo boomers are finally moving out of their parents’ homes and expected to be the biggest rush of renters to hit Toronto’s housing market since the early 1990s, according to projections by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. But they’re likely to be renting for quite a while — much longer than their parents, […]

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Whatz-SUP On The Water?

In case you missed it Alison Broverman, in the National Post recently wrote about stand-up paddleboarding or (SUP) at the foot of Kew Balmy Beach. Maybe you’ve seen these people standing upright and magically gliding across the water this summer? SUP or in the Hawaiian language Hoe he’e nalu, is an ancient form of surfing, it reemerged as a way for surfing instructors to […]

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Beach Condo Developments – On The Right Track?

Alex Newman, in the National Post today writes about new housing and condo developments in the Beach… are planners and developers on the right track with new developments like Bellefair Kew Beach Residences, One Rainsford , Lakehouse Beach Residences, Kew Beach Living and Beach Club Lofts? All are new projects under way in the Toronto Beaches. Here’s some excerpts: Apart […]

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Top 15 Rules To Staging A Home

In a recent study by Duke University, tried to determine if some home staging rules will give you more “bank for your buck” in terms of cost effectiveness. They were also interested in the psychology behind effective staging principles, on both emotional and cognitive levels. Top 15 Staging Rules These are the top 15 staging rules listed […]

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What Is Optimism? Is It Contagious? Is It Coffee?

Can you top-up on optimism? Well Maxwell House thinks so and has married our need for coffee with our need for positive thinking all round a simple question: “is the cup half full or half empty”?  They have a new website and are asking Canadians to tell them how you feel, upload a feel good video, […]

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Blue Flags For Toronto Beaches

The Blue Flag is a certification by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) that a beach or marina meets its stringent standards. The awards are announced yearly on 5 June for Europe, Canada, Morocco, Tunisia and other countries in a similar geographic location, and on 1 November for the Caribbean, New Zealand, South Africa and other […]

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